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On May 29th, 2011 the Wallow Fire began from an abandoned campfire in the Bear Wallow Wilderness. Before the fire was extinguished it burned over 1/2 million acres and more than sixty buildings. Although I have been on many large fires, this one took on a special meaning. I grew up in Springerville and spent many days hiking, hunting, and fishing in the forests damaged by this fire.
Area Command and the Incident CommandersHelicopter 38 protects the Peaks Resort on Amberian PointEngines Patrol a Burnout on the Wallow FireWallow Fire from near SprucedaleTopping the Ridge South of SprucedaleThe Wallow Fire moves closer to SprucedaleTrying to Control Spot FiresMember of a Type 6 Engine crew puts out a spot fire in a large Ponderosa Pine TreeTorching OutBoyscouts from Brentwood move propane bottles to meadow before evacuating

Guestbook for Wallow Fire
6.Debbie Kazal
The picture are remarkable. Thank you so much for your hard work and for making these available to order.
God Bless and Thank you. DK
Thank you for these very moving photos. I am awakened and devastated by the reality that your images convey. A huge thank you to everyone who worked to contain such a frightening and overwhelming force, and to those who supported them. We talk about fire safety, but the enormity of such an event is only comprehensible when witnessed by self or through the eyes of another. I wish all of the absentee homeowners in my area of the Mogollon Rim could see your photos and understand the necessity for fuel reduction, and clean up their properties.
4.Coral @ Antler Ridge Cabins, Greer,AZ(non-registered)
Jayson, I, too grew up in Eagar. I have lived in Greer for about 12 years & am so grateful to all of the firefighters that saved our towns. Thank you, Jason, for the beautiful pictures. You certainly have an awsome tallent. You mentioned that you want your pictures to cause an emotion in the viewer. Believe me, they do. Thank you.
3.Barry Williams(non-registered)
Excellent photography Jason. I used several of the photos you may have taken that were placed on the Apache-Sitgreaves Forests Flikr site in a PhotoStory editorial I created and put on Facebook. ( Thank you for your hard work and thoughtfulness. I hope to shake your hand sometime when you are in Round Valley.
2.Dick Brimghurst(non-registered)
Excellent job Jayson. I enjoyed them all. I too spent some time in Springerville and loved the beautifull country. Dick
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